An unthought-of trend in carpet is surprisingly not a style of carpet or a carpet with texture; it’s all about “green”. Now that is not green as in the color, we mean environmentally friendly carpet of course! Today consumers are seeking out ways to not only be trendy in their home decor, but also looking for ways to be environmentally conscience when doing so.

Carpet is the creator of comfort on so many levels. With carpet that is environmentally friendly, you will have the comfort of not only having a soft place to play and lounge, but also the comfort of knowing your carpet is sustainable and meets health standards as well. Some may be asking themselves, “healthy carpet?” Well what most people don’t know is that some carpets contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These compounds are gasses released from the carpet and are known to impact your health negatively.

Just because you are thinking of “going green” doesn’t mean you are limited on options or varieties. There are dozens of environmentally friendly carpets which are made of renewable fibers such as sisal, seagrass, organic wool or cotton, jute and even bamboo! All of these are biodegradable and don’t require a lot of chemicals to produce. There are even carpets made from 100 percent recycled materials from industrial scraps to plastic bottles.

All of these environmentally safe carpet options all have one thing in common. They can give you peace of mind knowing you are using a sustainable carpet in your home while still being able to provide that comfort that we rely on carpet for. Visit your local flooring retailer, they can fill you in on any questions you may have about eco-friendly carpet so don’t hesitate to ask and see how you can help improve your environment!