Historic Homes Being Sold in Downtown Raleigh NC

Historic Homes Being Sold in Downtown Raleigh NC

There is a lot we can learn from historic buildings, from the type of home flooring that was used to the artistry and craftsmanship used in ornate decorations such as found in crown molding and bannisters. The residents of Raleigh, NC are lucky in that they have many examples of historic homes in their area. Two such homes are being sold in the downtown area.​

A recent story in The News and Observer stated:

“The state announced Friday that it will sell two historic homes near the Executive Mansion in downtown Raleigh, including the 145-year-old Heck-Andrews House on North Blount Street. The administration of Gov. Pat McCrory had hoped to hang on to Heck-Andrews and the Bailey-Tucker House on Lane Street and restore them so they could be used for special functions for state government....but the legislature stripped the houses out of the final version.”

It is, of course, hoped that these homes will find themselves in caring hands and that restorations, when needed, will be performed. In an older home, flooring may become a problem if the home flooring is of hardwood or older types of linoleum, both very popular in the past. 

The good news is that today there are a variety of materials that can be used for home flooring. From carpet to hardwood, today's consumer has more choices than ever. Most, if not all, of these home flooring options can be used in any home, regardless of age. The trick, however, is to match the new home flooring with the motif one wishes to present. 

For instance, in a newer home, flooring might include luxury vinyl tile (LVT) which can mimic virtually any type of material at a much reduced cost. On the other hand, an older home might find itself truly refreshed with new hardwood flooring or ceramic flooring in bath and kitchen areas. Because there are so many options for Raleigh, NC consumers, finding the right home flooring will not be a problem. A good place to start is with Carolina In Home Flooring where professionals can answer any home flooring questions one may have.