Six Basic Kitchen Design Styles

Six Basic Kitchen Design Styles

One aspect of the kitchen design process that many people find to be challenging can also be the most fun- deciding on the style kitchen you want to have. There are many different options to choose from and the only thing that really limits what you can come up with is your budget and your creativity. Here are ten of the most common styles you can consider:

1. Farmhouse Style. The classic feel of a warm and homey farmhouses brings a very welcoming and comforting feel to any home. This style is often defined with open shelving, wide sinks, hardwood flooring, a big kitchen table and plenty of space to visit with family and friends who stop by.   

2. Traditional Style. Traditional kitchens usually ave nice decorative touches such as framed cutouts, arches, intricate cabinet panels, simple lighting, or tiled floors and backsplashes. The traditional style is easy to customize and make your own by choosing colors and accessories that are uniquely you.

3. Rustic Style. While the idea of rough and worn wood gain may not be your first thought when it comes to kitchen styles, it can be a very attractive decor for you home. Today, this style of kitchen utilizes wood and timber, stone and brick, along with vintage appliances and fireplaces to create a warm and welcoming feel. 

4. Cottage Style. Cottages have long been associate with comfort and beauty. Simple patterns, soft colors, vintage accessories, wood floors and bright accents are all part of the cottage kitchen style. Flowers, stripes, simple patterns, simple flooring, and open spaces also define the cottage kitchen style. 

5. Contemporary Styles. This kitchen scheme can be very sleek in look and is often confused with the very similar modern style. The main difference is that the contemporary kitchen is more playful and diverse, building on the basic lines and forms and adding personal touches to the walls, floors and decorations used.

6. Modern Style. Modern can have many different definitions but is generally highlighted by frameless cabinets, neutral colors, simple color pallets, sleek and simple hardware, high gloss tile or modern style flooring, lack of decorations, and the natural colors of the materials used. 

Are you a rebel in design who hates predetermined styles and refuses to be pigeonholed into one style? Then you are a innovator who operates on the idea that it is your house so it should be your unique and personal style presented in the flooring, wall, color, and design features chosen. You can be a rebel with a cause and create your own kitchen style that meets your needs, embraces your interests, and fits your lifestyle- just make good choices as you design and plan!