Are Toxic Free Home Flooring Products Possible in Raleigh NC?

Are Toxic Free Home Flooring Products Possible in Raleigh NC?

Many homeowners in the Raleigh, NC area and the whole nation actually, have been wondering if their home flooring is safe or if it is releasing toxic fumes into the air. This is not just paranoia talk. It has been shown that there are some home flooringproducts, mostly coming from China, that actually do release harmful vapors. The products vary from carpeting to certain types of hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring systems.

Not long ago, one of the nation's largest home flooring distributors was accused of selling these uncertain products. Many of those who had purchased from this distributor returned their home flooring systems or simply ripped them out and threw them away. Now, some of the larger home flooring retailers and wholesalers are vowing to sell only safe products.​

In a recent story published by Public News Service, it was reported:

“RALEIGH, N.C. - It's a big week for big-box stores and large retailers, as North Carolinians gear up for Black Friday shopping. Health advocates say news that a major retailer is committing to sell vinyl flooring made without toxic substances is an early holiday gift to consumers.”

It should be noted that vinyl flooring is only one of the many home flooring products that have caused problems in terms of possible health issues. For consumers, the goal of finding home flooring products that are known to be safe can be achieved by buying products from known manufacturers. Well known home flooring manufacturers have worked hard to produce flooring that is safe and toxic free. This includes all types of home flooring including carpeting, tile, vinyl sheet flooring and hardwood flooring.

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