Customer Rug - Quick-Change Artistry to Suit Your Style And Your Home

Customer Rug - Quick-Change Artistry to Suit Your Style And Your Home

Create custom– colored, custom-designed wool carpets or rugs. Nothing’s more fabulous than if it’s “yours alone!”​

Take Your Room To  New Level

Have you ever entered a room and immediately gravitated toward the carpet or area rug? If so, then you understand by experience how the right floor covering can transform a living space.

Today’s floor is much more than a neutral backdrop for other furnishings: it is a design element that reflects one’s personal taste. Our choice of flooring colors, textures, styles and patterns communicate who we are, where we’re going and what values are important to our lives.

In a marketplace full of options, there are plenty of beautiful carpets and rugs from which to choose. You are certain to find a floor covering you’ll love just by paging through your favorite home decorating magazine. Most of the carpets and rugs featured in these magazines are readily available through your local flooring retailer. But, what if you need a special color, size or you want a rug patterned after you favorite wallpaper?

The mere mention of the word “custom” can make one cringe. It sounds so complicated, time-consuming and expensive. Years ago, those descriptions were true, and consumers placing customer orders often experience lengthy waits and high surcharges.

Lucky for us, times have changed: Manufacturers, especially those specializing in wool, have embraced the idea of custom ordering, making color, pattern and sizing options as limitless as one’s imagination. The advance of technology has also eased the wait time and lowered the cost of creating a custom floor covering.

So, if you decide you want to color your carpet to match your bedroom walls or bind a rug in your favorite fabric, it isn’t as difficult as it sounds or once was, especially when it comes to natural fiber wool.