Estimates You Will be Floored By

luxury vinyl tile
Like most people who are about to begin a project in their homes, whether it be a single room, a rehab of a newly purchased property, or a remodel of the current home you live in, you’ll need to look into flooring as a part of the project. Big or small, you’ll need some assistance to keep your project looking its best while still staying within your budget.
Carolina In Home Flooring is the place you will want to visit for all of your flooring needs. Our Raleigh, NC showroom has the courteous and professional staff you’ll need to help you to choose the type of flooring you want without exceeding your budget. We offer a free in home estimate service so you can better adhere to the monetary limitations you have set for yourself. We come to your home and measure the entire job so we can accurately know the area that needs to be covered. Based on the type of flooring you may choose to place in your home, the estimate will change. It is a fact that luxury vinyl tile will be less expensive than an exotic hardwood. Your choices are only limited to how flexible the budget can be for your remodeling project.

After the free in home estimate, we will go over the choices you have for flooring and let you know what the cost for materials and labor will be, based upon the area being covered and the expert installation method needed to get the job done to the manufacturer’s specifications. All of these points factor in how efficiently you can use your consumer dollars to get the most for your money.

Our professional, experienced installers take tremendous pride in doing the job right, allowing you to quickly reclaim your living space with a beautiful new floor that you will enjoy for years to come. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal at Carolina In Home Flooring. From our free in-home estimate to an informed flooring purchase and professional installation, we have everything you will want or need for your project.