Estimating: Your Knight in Shining Armor

bathroom renovation

Home remodeling or renovation projects are complicated undertakings. It isn’t easy to work all of the design elements, installation of the design elements and any unforeseen issues, into a budget before you have even begun the process of shopping for the various materials to make your design come to life. That’s where Carolina in Home Flooring comes to your rescue. We have free in home estimates available for you to utilize as a part of your planning process.

When you visit us at our Morrisville, NC showroom, we will help you choose the flooring you need to fit your budget. That’s where a tool like our free in home estimate comes in to play. With an accurate measurement of the renovation or remodeling project, we can give you a fairly accurate estimation of the actual cost involved in purchasing the right flooring, in the right amount and at the best price possible.

Free home estimates can also give you an idea as to what you will be paying for installation of the new flooring you choose. Depending on the type of flooring, the installation may require more man hours to complete. Click together flooring isn’t a complicated installation, because it sits on the surface and has no adhesives to hold it in place. Glued down flooring requires more time, because once the glue is placed on the surface, it must begin the curing process before the flooring can be placed on top of it.

A free in home estimate can also give you an idea on the labor involved in preparing for the installation. Removing furniture from the room and placing it in a storage space or a neutral area within the home requires some muscle. This is where you can save money by doing it yourself, or by having the installer do the job for you for an extra fee. A free home estimate can help you plan your purchase and installation accurately, so you can have the flooring you want at the price you can live with. You don’t need to be a customer in distress when an estimate can be your knight in shining armor.