Post-installation guide


Post-installation Guide



If you are sensitive to dust and odors, good ventilation should be established. New flooring installations can have an odor for 48 to 72 hours after installation. So be prepared to provide the room with adequate ventilation. As previously discussed, we do our best to minimize the effects of removing old flooring, it is inherently a process that can stir up dust in your home. A couple of weeks after installation would probably be a good time to replace the air filters in your home.



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Some carpet seams show more than others. Much like other fabrics such as clothing, upholstery, and wallpaper, there is no such thing as an invisible seam. All seams will be made in the most professional manner and will meet both industry standards and AZROC standards. Carpet transitions to other surfaces will be done professionally as well. The quality of the attachment will have much to do with the existing flooring the new carpet is transitioning to.

Frequent vacuuming for the first few days and weeks should remove loose fibers from the carpet’s surface. See your maintenance warranty for more details regarding vacuuming.

Sprouting refers to small tufts or loops of carpet that become visible after the installation. If comfortable in doing so, you may use a small pair of scissors to carefully trim the loose fibers flush with the surface of the carpet.

If wrinkles or ripples appear in the carpet, it may be necessary to re-stretch the carpet. Please contact us to have this done professionally.

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Hard Surface Flooring (hardwood, laminate, vinyl, etc.):

Hard surface flooring can be dented. By nature of how they are manufactured and if enough pressure is applied, the surface may be compromised, and dents will appear. Spike or stiletto high-heel shoes, especially those in poor repair, may cause denting and damage to hardwood floors due to the extremely high compressive force they generate. Such footwear can produce dynamic loads in excess of 1000 pounds per square inch, even when worn by someone of a slight or average build. This is not covered by your warranty, and the manufacturer will not accept claims from damages that arise from such exposure.

Hard surface flooring can be scratched. Although the newer finishes are very durable, they can be scratched. Pets can be especially damaging to the finishes of hard surface flooring.

Proper maintenance is critical to the life of your new floors. Please refer to our maintenance section for more information or call your salesperson.

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