Flooring Made Easy

flooring in Morrisville, NC

You are purchasing new flooring for your home improvement project and you are determined to keep within your budget. So, you go to a local flooring retailer and answer all of his questions about your space, and choose the flooring you want. Everything is going according to plan and then, an unforeseen issue crops up that was never taken into account, and is about to blow the budget to pieces. When you attempt to alleviate the growing hemorrhage to your checkbook, you are told that “We didn’t know about the issue, and you didn’t tell us”. With that the installer and the retailer proceed to finish the job and you are stuck paying extra for the unforeseen issue. That is a scenario that some customers have faced with many companies. It is simply could have been avoided with a free home estimate. 

Carolina in Home Flooring, offers free home estimates. They will come to your home and inspect the space, carefully measuring the flooring area and noting any unusual aspects of the room that may need to be accounted for during the installation. This will provide a far more accurate picture of what the installer will be doing when he arrives at your home so he can prepare for the job accordingly. This will save time and materials reducing your labor costs, and keeping your budget intact.

Another aspect of the free home estimate is the ability to match the flooring with the rest of the design elements of the room in where it will be installed. Flooring is a crucial element to make the room feel the way you want it to. You can have a classic feel that conveys a sense of warmth and invitation, or you can have the room convey a sense of playful relaxation. Flooring is a very important aspect of that feel. So come see us at our Morrisville, NC​, showroom and schedule a free in home estimate. Our friendly and knowledgeable design staff will be happy to show you why we are the place where flooring is made easy.