We Offer the Best in Flooring and Free Home Estimates

free in home estimate - carpet

Have you been thinking of new flooring, but want to get a free home estimates before you buy? At Carolina In Home Flooring, we will gladly give you an estimate on your new flooring, regardless of what type of flooring you choose, and we will even come to your home to do so, saving you time and gas money. However, our free service does even more for residents in Morrisville!

The benefits of our free home estimates:

The first benefit you get is knowing, in advance, how much your new project will cost.  This is can help you decide if this price is within your budget. Our estimators are highly skilled at knowing all of the costs, even the costs that may not be apparent to the homeowner. An accurate estimate is vital to your overall satisfaction.

Secondly, when you take advantage of our free home estimates, you can get great ideas on what is possible for your remodeling job or flooring needs. Many of our past customers have commented on how helpful it is to have a second pair of eyes working with them as they make the many decisions they are faced with. 

Thirdly, we can answer your questions. Have you ever wished that you could have someone knowledgeable working with you who could answer all those questions that you might have? Answers that go beyond just pricing, and include topics such as fiber brands, pad weight options for carpet, hardness factors in hardwood flooring, and so on? Now, you can have your questions answered in real time by a pro who knows what he or she is talking about.

Lastly, with our free home estimates, you can discover if there are any cost-saving issues that you can take advantage of. This can be very useful for those who are working on a tight budget. Our pros can help you find money-saving areas that can really add up. Depending upon the type of remodeling you are doing, these savings can be significant.

If you are planning a remodeling job for your home, or if you simply want to have new flooring installed, call us today to schedule an appointment. At Carolina In Home Flooring in Morrisville, NC, our free home estimates are truly free and can save you time, money, and frustration.